177+ Useless Websites You Should Visit Before dying

Does it happen ? You are looking for the Useless website that you think will lift you up with entertainment but at end you see there is nothing like that. There are many Weird websites over the Internet, some of them are Pointless and some are funniest. We’ve made list of most Useless websites but It looks like We missed some Pointless websites in list earlier.

So, Today We are going to share the most useless websites which you should visit before you die atleast you won’t regret of not having look at it. If don’t waste time on weirdest websites now, then You will find yourself saying ” please take me to a useless website ” .

Don’t you believe us ?

We know You don’t believe us but before that Just head to the Funniest Website list. After looking at Most Weirdest websites, You will thank us for taking you to useless websites.

Hey Guy ! Just seat back at your couch because We don’t wanna let you feel bore that mean You are going to waste your many time having fun on Funniest Website. You will love to visit World’s Most useless websites.

You might be using Facebook and twitter for having fun and laughing on some outdated memes that won’t make you lough out of loud every time. So Lets take some time off from Social Media and spend some time with Pointless websites over the web.

43+ Useless Websites You Should Visit

These are Weird websites which I am gonna share here just to take away your boredom. Lets take you to a pointless websites to have some fun.

We’ve created a funniest list of Pointless websites that will make you laugh out loud. We wanna tell you in the beginning that some of Weird websites are very funny that you won’t need to move to another useless website list.

1. 1112.net/lastpage.html

This funniest page is in our top list of useless and pointless websites. You’ve reached the very last page of the internet. It seems to be end of Internet so turn off your computer and go outside.

2. sillytwitterbio.com

Generate a silly twitter bio for amusement. It’s very much fun!

3. isitchristmas.com

Is it christmas gift for You ? Do you wanna check it out ? Just Move and check what is there for you.

4. secretsfornicotine.com

Move the secret 3D wherever you want. It swirls every way. Try out!

5. pixelsfighting.com

You must have patience to reach to the end point? It’s a match!

6. biglongnow.com

You can open infinite doors but I think You will fail at it .

7. baconsizzling.com

Sizzling hot! Bacons are just about to get served with the plates!

8. whitetrash.nl

It is a good tome to take the art of creativity to the next level.

9. www.theendofreason.com

Is it the end of the story. Check faster ?

10. minecraftstal.com

An epic flute solo.

11. leekspin.com

If you are very smart then You may understand why it’s way fast.

12. electricboogiewoogie.com

A boogie woogie you can’t reach at. But You can try again.

13. intotime.com

Everyone wanna find secrets and here a color reveals the other.

14. crouton.net

Do You love croutons?

15. corgiorgy.com

ORGY’S party in the house and You are invited !

16. unicodesnowmanforyou.com

Love Snowman? Here’s one who plays with You.

17. taghua.com

It goes higher, higher and wider.

18. muchbetterthanthis.com

Wanna Kiss virtually ? Here You can fuck !

19. imaninja.com

It tell a whole story about you.

20. ouaismaisbon.ch

Say it louder. Yes, You should .

21. hasthelargehadroncolliderdestroyedtheworldyet.com

Nope! Nope ! but Why ?

22. ihasabucket.com

Do you wanna lose your bucket easily ? No then Try to save it from Evil.

23. ringingtelephone.com

Someone is Calling You. Pick up Phone and Say HELLO! HELLO!

24. grandpanoclothes.com

Have you ever saw A muscular Granpa but with NO CLOTHES?

25. everydayim.com

There are many colors around. Just choose one of it.

26. Zombo.com

What about colorful Zombi who don’t bite ?

27. Larrycarlson

That is for Nature Lover.

28. fallingguy.com

Save her Please !

29. trypap.com

Discover the Aggressive face. Lets see if you can find it ?

30. haneke.net

Trace ball if you can but wisely becaue You will lost in this weird game.

31. Staggeringbeauty.com

Move your cursor from left to right and see what happens ?

32. Donothingfor2minutes.com

Do nothing for two minutes.

33. Koalastothemax.com

Reveal the minor! Hover to the maximum.

34. cant-not-tweet-this.com

But, it tweets!

35. ducksarethebest.com

How about a duckpage? Quack, Quack.

36. partridgegetslucky.com

Holding Guitar? But Why are not you playing ?

37. thebestdinosaur.com

One dinosaur is superior to all of the others. It can still kill.

38. iamawesome.com

I am awesome. Believe it’s true!

39. tencents.info

It is revealed. What is that ?

40. fallingfalling.com

It is falling down again. Stop it.

41. ismycomputeron.com

Yes ! Nothing more than it You can expect.

42. purple.com

All are purple here. You should not visit.

43. papertoilet.com

Lol ! Don’t Play with toilet paper again.

44. RateMyBoobies.com

45 VideosUncensored.com

46. INeedAnotherWordForPenis.com

47. Kaotic.com

48. MyFaceOnAFigure.com

49. Psychede.Tripod.com

50. wutdafuk.co

51. SuperBad.com

52. StonerSingles.net

53. DateAMidget.net

54. DiedInHouse.com

55. BestGore.com

56. TextsFromHillaryClinton.tumblr.com

57. RateMyPoo.com

58. BaBaDum.com

59. DeadBaby.com

60. Heyyeyaaeyaaaeyaeyaa.com

61. PeopleOfWalmart/Featured-Creature

61. YouFellAsleepWatchingaADVD.com

62. BlackPeopleLoveUs.com

63. Universe-People.com

64. Twinlets.com

65. OddityMall.com

66. WeirdOrConfusing.com

67. ShockChan.com

68. YouFellAsleepWatchingaADVD.com

69. Creepypasta.com

70. SpottedGhosts.com

71. YourNameInGum.com

72. Lacquerlacquer.com

73. WhiteEnamel.com

74. FatefulDay.eu

75. DrawAStickman.com

76. SalmonofCapistrano.com

78. VideosUncensored.com

79. KreskinSupernaturalDatingSociety.com

80. FacesOfSuicide.com

81. OddityMall.com

82. Incredibox.com

83. EvilTakesManyForms.com

84. Dumb.com/Chat-With-God

85. ZeroCensorship.com

86. Zoomquilt.org

87. DeathTimer.com

88. SheIsMadeOfTruth.com

89. bforbones.com

90. SnapBubbles.com

91. LiveLeak.com

92. DoesFootballMatter.com

93. Divine-Interventions.com

94. Dead-People.com

95. eelslap.com/

96. heeeeeeeey.com/

97. thatsthefinger.com/

98. fallingfalling.com/

99. faceofdisapproval.com

100. cant-not-tweet-this.com/

101. trypap.com/

102. staggeringbeauty.com/

103. burymewithmymoney.com/

104. beesbeesbees.com/

105. cat-bounce.com/

106. just-shower-thoughts.tumblr.com/

107. movenowthinklater.com/

108. partridgegetslucky.com/

109. chrismckenzie.com

110. giantbatfarts.com

111. baconsizzling.com/

112. corgiorgy.com

113. corndogoncorndog.com

114. dogs.are.the.most.moe/

115. faceofdisapproval.com

116. grandpanoclothes.com

117. hardcoreprawnlawn.com

118. hasthelargehadroncolliderdestroyedtheworldyet.com

119. unicodesnowmanforyou.com

120. electricboogiewoogie.com

121. pixelsfighting.com

122. iamawesome.com

123. ihasabucket.com

124. imaninja.com

125. intotime.com

126. isitwhite.com

127. oct82.com

128. tomsdog.com

129. randomcolour.com

130. salmonofcapistrano.com

131. leekspin.com

132. minecraftstal.com

133. ninjaflex.com

134. secretsfornicotine.com

135. whitetrash.nl

136. willthefuturebeaweso.me

137. biglongnow.com

138. semanticresponsiveillustration.com

139. tencents.info

140. thefo.nz

145. everydayim.com

146. haneke.net

147. ismycomputeron.com

148. theendofreason_com

149. ingtelephone.com

150. koalastothemax.com

151. leduchamp.com

152. muchbetterthanthis.com

153. nelson-haha.com

154. www_wutdafuk_com

155. www_wwwdotcom_com

156. zombo_com

157. DoesFootballMatter.com

158. nullingthevoid.comClick

159. omfgdogs.com

160. DoughnutKitten.com

161. PaperToilet.com

162. ouaismaisbon.ch

163. pleaselike.com

164. www_sanger_dk

165. www_taghua_com

166. rrrgggbbb.com

167. WerewolfPassions.com

168. BeautifulPeople.com/en-US

169. sadforjapan.com

170. FriedChickenSimulator.surge.sh

171. AllDayDoingNothing.com

172. Happy-Science.org

173. PoliticalGraveyard.com

174. LiquidAss.com

175. UglySchmucks.com

176. thefo.nz

177. OMGLasergunsPewPewPew.com

You Must Visit ” 11 Most Useless Website Ever Exits on Internet

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