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Earlier Our Useless Team has published the Useless Websites that went viral. We did not imagine that the Most Useless Websites are really so awesome that people would love it.

And that’s what happened they loved it.

11 Most Useless Websites Ever Exists

We are again up with another Useless Website that will blow your head. You can keep guessing because You are going to say Please ” Take Me To A Useless Website “. We will not only share with you world’s most useless websites but will also take you to random websites which you will love for sure.

Our List to the Useless Websites are listed in table below which we will expand further.

1.  eel slap

2.  koalas to the max

3.  Cat bounce

4.  i has a bucket

5.  iloveyoulikeafatladylovesapples

6.  Staggering beauty 2

7.  Sell me something weird

8.  Bury me with my money

9.  Ducks are the best

10. Survive the outbreak

11. Shake vigorously


eel slap

eel slap is in top of our the most useless website because of weird thing it has on their web. You might have got into trouble when some one slapped so hard that you still remember that slap. But owner of eel slap might have experienced same thing in past that is why we have such kind of website that let you slap anyone on the Web.

Really ! Take me to a Useless Website ” Eel Slap ”

But, It’s really useless web because slapping in reality gives so much relief to heart but owner made it online and then it went viral to people who tagged it with Useless Website.

koalas to the max

Koalas to the max is another useless website that is website with a large circle. It’s made for another purpose but then Koalas to the max left unchanged for the years. Now, People who visit it always think why it’s made and for what purpose because it only has circle which dissolve into four other small circle that is what it is made like now is considered as pointless website.

Please Do not visit Koalas to the Max :/ else you will regret why you wasted your precious time on it.

Cat bounce

We do not think if Cat bounce is Useless Website because it’s really funny when cat bounce like it got spring. According to information available on Internet, Cat bounce is funny website which was created by New York City based Tara Sinn.

i has a bucket

Most Weird Website and also kind of some useless shit. You will not ever visit this one if you check it now. But do not ! i has a bucket is fukking pointless.


It is an Interactive website ells ” the love story of a fat lady and her apples “. That’s different than other Useless websites because you will be asked to feed that fat lady an apple. While feeding her, it looks weird because that strange thing to kill time. We are having much more better things to enjoy but iloveyoulikeafatladylovesapples is the most useless website which no one should visit.

But in case you want to then click ” Take me to an Useless Website ” .

Staggering beauty 2

When we heard about Staggering beauty 2, we thought it is website with beautiful ladies but we got disappointed after visiting this pointless website because there is not beauty. Just another random webpage.

Sell me something weird

As Title ” Weird or confusing indicates what kind of website it is, you just guess before visiting because you will be surprised about purpose of it. You will be redirecting to e-Commerce website with random product in cart which it want to sell. That’s really shit, We must say.

But, what actually weird or confusing has is webpage with ” Please ” button that is redirection button to move you to e-Commerce sites having listed weird products.

It is site which Sell me something weird product to user.

Bury me with my money

Again shitty useless website which keep repeating that ” Bury me with my money ” . Instead of visiting this page you should better read ” Rich Dad and Poor Dad ” book for inspiration. You will thank us later for such great book.

Ducks are the best

Duck are the best we know because we saw them. But why Ducks are the best website, what’s idea behind this is pointless so people ignore this webpage and buy best ” Duck Books ” for children which they loves seeing and sometime reading.

Survive the outbreak

It is not game but blank useless web that has nothing to do other than letting you leave. So, we got something good for you that is an awesome which you will love to play.

Shake vigorously

Another Useless Website. We guess you are really bored after going through all of the Useless Websites. Yeah, We were also in same situation when we are finding the most useless web for writing this article. But to be honest, we just watched movie to kill time at end.

Do You Want to Watch Movie For Free Online ? Yes !

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We must apologize for Useless Article because we have not included any thing funny but after looking at trend we thought to only add the most useless websites so we ignored funniest images. So to save your from getting bored, we suggest you to watch movie or have fun like party and whatever it make you happy. Just Enjoy.

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