18+ Most Weird Websites of 2018

Funny Websites for boredom

Are You guys getting bored ? No/Yes ?

Even We gets bored with shit but then comes Strange websites which let us think why does these Weird Websites exits.

We really do not give a fuck that why the hell people creates such Creepy websites that looks so weird that you will say ” What The Fuck is this Shit ” .

But truth is , these Websites does exits and not all of these are hilarious nor funniest which people and other blogs claim to be.

So the purpose of sharing this is to let you aware of the fact that Shitty things are still available on the Internet to make you laugh but thing is they does not and still people do visit to them for killing time.

Even We do once in while. We have really wasted hell a lot of time on Weird sites from working schedule but We must say We have even enjoyed visiting shit.

We do not Know if you are interested in visiting Odd Websites.

Any way, We are up with most funniest Websites that will not only make you laugh but will also kill your boredom.

Just have a look at Picture We have found ” Showing Iron Man Without Costume ” and kid got disappointed with that.

Strange Picture of Iron Man

While We were looking for funny websites to cure boredom We have noticed most of the websites very Weird .

Table of Weirdest Websites For Easy Check in

Weird Websites is either created accidentally or intentionally to make people laugh which people tagged with their own terms like Funniest, Creepiest and Odd based on their experience with content on Website.

18+ Most Weird Websites of 2018

1. Z0r.de

This Weird Website will entertain you more than any television shows. You will get to watch weird personality that seems to be making fun of themselves for you.

Wanna see Weird Man ? then click here ” Odd Websites

2. Test Gay

If you have doubt then You must check but most of the time this Strange Website say that you are Gay. Yes, that’s true. You don’t believe me then Test ” What are you ” find answer Gay. Is not it funny.

Creepiest Site Ever Exits

3. Do Not Go On

Sometime it happens that one try to stop you from doing anything but You treat like King and do what is not necessary.

Being king is not a problem but doing what is not worth is. So You still wanna do then go ahead with this most Strange Interesting websites.

Strange Website

4. Somethingstore.com

We have included this in interesting websites as it let you pay $10 for each random product that is not invisible or unidentified. Not interesting then try it and get surprise when product arrives at your door.

See what happens when Comedy Central’s Tosh.O orders from SomethingStore :

5 Staggering Beauty

Have you ever seen wiggly worm. If yes then have you ever moved them with your computer mouse. We know You didn’t do and are eagerly to see moving it wherever you want it to .

6. Clever Bot

If you are getting bored with chatting with your ex or friends then You can talk with Robot now who will chat with you like your best friends and enemy. You say ” Fuck You ” once.

Funny Website

7. PointerPointer.com

We do not know what these nude guy are doing with ***k. You must check out if you find that girl who is playing like ***r : p After locating that guy & girl together in weird scene You gonna hit your screen very badly.

8. Patience-Is-a-Virtue.org

Only few people in the world has patience but seriously We lost patience when We are very excited to see or do what We’ve never did. This is very Odd website We ever saw on the Web. Even We checked our Internet speed more than 10 time after looking at this and found it’s not my Internet speed but Site speed that is checking my patience.

Strange Weirdest Website

9. YouShouldHaveSeenThis.com

If We knew this funny site then We check it twice a day. We loved how this woman hit lady next to her so hard.

10. 111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111.com

If you can count how many “1” is above then visit this site. You will find it very Strange.

11. r33b

You wanna get hypnotized. If yes then visit this little bit funny but weird websites and let A toad hypnotize you. Do not blame me if you are doing what that toad say to you.

13. Nicest Place on the Internet

Are you feeling down? Are you sad? You need hug or love. Yes you need it anyway here This girl wanna hug you so tight that you will forget everything and will feel normal.

We won’t say that this is Weird but Odd website that is meant for those who are feeling alone and want someone to cheer them up.

Odd Site

14. ILoveYouLikeaFatLadyLovesApples.com

This is not interesting one as you have to let lady pick apple and move it near to her mouth so that she can take it easily. Weird part is that you can play with this lady. Do you wanna know how then visit Stange Website and play.

15. DictionaryofObscureSorrows.com

Have no words so

” the awareness of the smallness of your perspective, by which you couldn’t possibly draw any meaningful conclusions at all, about the world or the past or the complexities of culture, because although your life is an epic and unrepeatable anecdote, it still only has a sample size of one, and may end up being the control for a much wilder experiment happening in the next room. “

16. ILookLikeBarackObama.com

Please Do not say that you look like Barack Obama even when you do not look like him. Here this man named Trevor is looking like Barack Obama and people are asking him about taxes and healthcare. Whew then Trevor made this website to tell other he is not Barack Obama.

17. InternetLiveStats.com

We wonder how people are using Internet every time and day. The total numbers are increasing in blink of eyelashes. Just check how many people used internet when You will open this interesting websites. Now number is 3,444,869,789. Tell us if it is increased on your side on what day.

18. Po*nHubCommentsonStockPhotos.Tumblr.com

We know what you are thinking. No, I ain’t gonna share any porn movie here for you. This is one of the most weird website We have ever found on the Internet.

Funny Website

Are We done with list? Do you think so then scroll up and visit the most Creepy website once again. :p

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So Guys Enjoy, We personally went through all for one week to prepare list of the Weirdest websites.


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